Light bulbs

Why light bulbs (lamps)?

It’s a relevant topic to all of us since, without exception, we use them every day.

“Average Life: 2000 Hours”, or something similar, is what you might read on a package of lamps. What this really means is, at the moment these lamps have been burning for 2000 hours, exactly half of them still work! So, by definition, half of the lamps won’t last the “average life”.

Other factors may shorten lamp life, with solutions in italics.

  • Vibration. “Rough Service” lamps are designed to withstand vibrations.
  • Voltage above 120 volts. “130 volt lamps” are designed to operate longer above 120 volts.
  • Excessive Heat. Make sure not to exceed the “maximum rated wattage” of your light fixture.
So, I hope this post has shed some light on the subject of lamp life. Be sure to look for the upcoming post on “Dimmers” because of their interesting, positive effect on lamp longevity!
Mike M.


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